" We appreciate that ASAP Search works to staff harder to fill classifications like

Physical and Occupational Therapists.  ASAP Search works to submit compliance documents in a timely manner and always communicates professionally."

State of CA Medical Registry Network Administrator

"It is my pleasure to recommend ASAP Search.  ASAP Search has responded to our request for service and followed the guidelines established by the agreed contract.  Our overall assessment of this agency is excellent."

Hospital Administrator

"ASAP Search Inc. provided our program with contract employees.  The request was met with quick response from ASAP and they provided us with knowledgeable, qualified and personable staff.  Services and communication throughout the contract was effective and efficient.  Timekeeping was thorough and accurate.  The three contract employees have all now become permanent, speaking volumes for the caliber of persons that ASAP Search Inc. contracts with and provides to their customers.  Throughout the experience, ASAP Search maintained professional interactions as well as timely, efficient product."

Hospital Administrator

"ASAP Search provided contract services for my department.  They provided quick follow-up on services, provided qualified candidates and were a reliable agency.  We appreciate the services they provided."

State Hospital Director

"ASAP Search has always responded in a timely and professional manner.  ASAP answered questions with clear understandable answers.  They returned phone calls within 24 hours and supplied information, data and facts in hard copy and electronic forms.  The service provider is a highly qualified professional with the preferred skills that are required."

Sheriff's Office

"After meetings to review, discuss and evaluate services provided by ASAP Search, the overall assessment is excellent.  The company representatives have displayed a cordial behavior in all of their dealings.  The provider is reliable, friendly and provides our students with professional and quality instruction."

Principal, CA School for the Deaf